• Anna's 2017How I spent 2017
    Year in review of Self Data.
  • WORK report on productivity
  • Hours on Laptop:
    This year I have spend about 20% less online. Unfortunately it means about 30% less in software development, but on the flip side I have cut distracting time by 50% when I am online.
    Number of Commits:
    Hours in Sublime Text:
    13% decrease as compared to last year :(
    The data is collected and tracked with ResqueTime.
  • READ report on books read
  • Books Read:
    My Annual Reading Challenge this year's challenge was to read 45 books (12% increase from last year). Around October I have complemented my goal early, but was pleasently surprised to surpass my own expectations for the year.
    Pages Flipped:
    Words written:
    3 articles published on Maptia. Most of the publications are still private or just README. Goal carry-over for next year.
    The data is collected and tracked with Goodreads.
  • Went places explored and visited>
  • Cities Visited:
    Across 7 countries. Almost 2.5 times more than last year (12 cities across 5 countries). Number of times in the airports : 37.
    Museums and Galleries:
    This category explains why my work hours dropped 20%. Almost 50% increase from last year in terms of visits to cultural institutions. (surprisingly the amount of bookstores/library visits stayed the same
    Days away from home:
    Number of times in the airports 61.
    The data is collected and tracked with Foursquare. (yes, i am one of those people who still "checks-in")
  • Climbed peaks explored and hours spent preparing for them
  • Gym Visits:
    About 1% decrease this year.
    Total Mountains Climbed:
    This year climbed in Peru and Mexico. Have also completed Catskills 3500. Even though mountains had lower altitide, the level of technicality has increased. 20% increase in training and hiking overall.
    Steps Taken:
    Just about 5% increase from the total of 2016
    The data is collected and tracked with Suunto

    Quantified Self Report of Anna Nicanorova